Hello 👋 I'm Adam Bulmer. I have been building user interfaces since 2012.

My Face

Side Projects

When not working at Moonpig, I spend a lot of time learning and building new things. My main interest outside of web development is iOS development. I have been creating iOS apps since early 2011 but below are my most recent apps.

Workout Plan Bot

I developed Workout Plan Bot as an alternative Workout tracking app on iOS. The app was built natively using Swift & SwiftUI and was later enhanced to include SharePlay support.

Belongings App

My second app Belongings is a personal inventory app built using Swift and SwiftUI allowing my users to view their total belonging worth at a glance.

Belongings app was also featured on iMore.com

Swift for JavaScript Developers

Swift for JavaScript Developers is an online course for web developers who want to build their first native app. From basics to releasing on the AppStore.

Built using React, NextJS and Tailwind CSS.